To Live for the Joy of Living Not for the Lack of Dying

How do we stick to our dreams? How do we turn hope into action? Why is it easier for us to leave it till tomorrow? Why do we become experts at laboring for others, and novices in learning what we want?

I’ve been contemplating this transformation deeply, and to say that life doesn’t get in the way of the dreamy pursuit is a lie. Life gets in the way, time gets in the way and we get in the way, and when nothing is clearly in the way we start throwing our fears and insecurities in the middle of the road; because we need to push the breaks, we need to stop the madness and go back to doing what is safe and expected.

But let me tell you dear reader, that the madness is absolutely worth it. The confusion and the slight doubt that you may after all be out of your mind and completely unhindered by the fears and the numbers is the start. You start to feel again.

When we are not pursuing our dreams, when we are going further away from our truth we start to become numb. Numbness feels like underwhelming living. It is eating because you must and not because you are hungry, it is going out because you must not because you are excited to do so, it is living because you are not dead. That is the most dreadful feeling of all.

When you feel like there is a purpose to life, suffering becomes bearable, wrong turns are no longer wrong but they become curves to your greater path; and most important of all it stops being about winning or losing. It becomes purely about you and who you are at any given moment. I know I have discussed purpose in another post before, and this is not to say that there is a blanket meaning for our life, but one must create reason no matter what, simply for the joy of living; even if it was only “passing butter“.

So do not walk away from something that feels right, because you might find yourself walking away your entire life.

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