What is your life purpose?

One of the primary, and most automatic functions of a conscious brain or intelligence, is to serve a purpose, first and foremost living life; surviving. The purpose beyond that could be anything, literally; even passing butter.

Have you at some point in your life wondered, perhaps after an equally uncomfortable and inspirational event: What is my purpose? Why am I possibly here and not anywhere else? Why is my life so geared towards proving itself worthy?

Perhaps you have, and possibly you have not; either way, watch this clip Rick and Morty- You Pass Butter, its a great opening to where I am going with this, and it might make you laugh- or slightly dislike my growing references to the show- and we will continue after you have finished.

One of the primary, and most automatic functions of a conscious brain or intelligence, is to serve a purpose, first and foremost living life; surviving. The purpose beyond that could be anything, literally; even passing butter.

The scene linked above, readily mocks this intelligence, by having Rick create a robot that once ON; looks up at its creator and directly inquires about its purpose. The first time around it was OK for it to serve butter; the second time around it expected a higher purpose; and was met with the same ridiculous task: Serve butter. The robot throws its mechanic arms in the air, drags its head down and says Oh My God. The existential frustration of Is this it?

I suppose many of us have felt that way at some point; expected something greater and were met with a frustrating response; and surely almost always no response at all. Try it: Look up, down, around, inside, at your mom and dad, at a chimpanzee (wherever your faith lay; no judgement here) and ask your creator of choice: What is my purpose? Almost all (except your parents) will have no audible answer for you. Does that mean you need to listen to your parents? Well, of course. Does it mean they know something you don’t? Possibly, but not abstract enough to be your metaphysical purpose on this planet.

And so, we go with the easiest, we let mom, dad, society and religion at large tell us what to do because that answer is the loudest when we ask relentlessly about our purpose.

But, let’s tone it down:

What if purpose is an absolute sham of the mind (intelligence), and the ego? Do we question our existence in the years before we develop egos and personalities? Not that I know of. We open our eyes when born, and BOOM consciousness. We are aware of life but we are not anxious, we are flowing through our early infancy and childhood. Yet, we start developing character traits, and personality tricks and glitches as we get exposed to a list of factors. Our egos start becoming, we are then incapable of separating our consciousness from our egos. We think, OK, now that “I” am here on this planet, what is “my” purpose?

Let’s make it a little simpler now:

Your purpose is the purpose of your ego. Have you had a slight complexity with the way you look? or the way you speak? or how you may have been perceived in certain occasions? Have you grown up rich or poor? With or without two parents? The options are endless for the factors that affect who “we” are, or who we think “we” are.

We do not need a purpose, we can do something we love, for a number of reasons, we can go through living a good life for a set of goals to be achieved. We might even excel at something enough to be thought of as born to do it. At the end of the day, a purpose for existence is an object of the mind, something to serve the deepest existential insecurity in your intelligence and your ego. Why the hell am “I” here?

As Rick puts it: “Yeah, Welcome to the club Pal.”

3 replies on “What is your life purpose?”

You mentioned ego and you’re right. It does have a lot to do with it. For me, I’ve discovered, the older I get the more comfortable I am with myself. I am much more relaxed and confident than I was twenty years ago. I think much better and enjoy life and all it has to offer.

We put so much pressure on ourselves and that’s a shame. It robs us of so many wonderful things life has to offer.

If I keep going at this rate I’ll be a really cool 100 year old, won’t I? 🙂


[…] When you feel like there is a purpose to life, suffering becomes bearable, wrong turns are no longer wrong but they become curves to your greater path; and most important of all it stops being about winning or losing. It becomes purely about you and who you are at any given moment. I know I have discussed purpose in another post before, and this is not to say that there is a blanket meaning for our life, but one must create reason no matter what, simply for the joy of living; even if it was only “passing butter“. […]


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