Need a lift? This Is Written for You

This is for the bloomers in winter and the outrageously beautiful in the dark. This is for you my friend, whenever you need it, and whenever you look up.

I love writing these tributes because those are the get me ups and the hand me downs of experience. Those are the words we wish we hear when we are sad, down and confused. So I hope my dearest reader that as you skim through this post, you find yourself somewhere between the lines, cuddled by the words and my hope at bringing you some joy perhaps when you are struggling to find it on your own. I hope that if you are looking for a sign, you find it here, a sign that you deserve the life you wish to live.

This is for the ones who crawl out of bed to a life they aren’t excited about, but do so anyway because they believe in showing up and taking life as it comes. This is for those who put others first because they know that they are capable of mending their pains later. I hope that you read this and feel some comfort that what you are doing is enough, that you are enough and overflowing. I hope you know that when thoughts of inadequacy choose to stay the night, then you are allowed to ask them to leave at the break of dawn. Those thoughts are homeless and forsaken and so they dwell with whomever gives them a bed and an ear. You have done what you must, and you are not supposed to spread your self thin. You have made it this far, and this far is always an achievement.

I hope that you give yourself a break, a real one, one where you get to heal and feel renewed. I hope that you learn not just how to stop the pain, but how to induce true happiness.

Let the hard life come, let it hit as hard as it possibly can, nothing knocks down a mountain. Live by example and try everything, you are graced by a world that doesn’t watch too closely. If you stumble and fall, get up; that is the point, that is what the world cares about. The world watches the ones who rise despite its harshness, and it nourishes those who have battled through mud and dirt to bud out into the sun.

This is for the fallers, the ones who take a hit but look up and out trying to get up and not get knocked down again. This is for the bloomers in winter and the outrageously beautiful in the dark. This is for you my friend, whenever you need it, and whenever you look up. Consider every word here a rope thrown out to you, consider them buoys helping to keep you afloat over treacherous waters. There is no point in drowning, there is no need for holding your breath.

Allow yourself to be lifted, allow yourself the joy and treat every good thing as a sign. Gain some perspective and deem yourself worthy of a brilliant life.

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