What If That Voice in Your Head is a Bully?

Take a seat and grab a shovel. That internal false bully is going down.

You are the biggest bully you will ever meet. You are the worst critic, and the most relentless accuser of your own faults. You are your worst nightmare and it’s time you face the truth.

The most underrated and undeniable voice in your head is yours. The voice that speaks to you all day, everyday ever since you developed an ear for self talk holds you back like no other voice in the world.

Do you ever catch yourself wondering why someone did that thing to you two years ago? Or maybe why you hesitated to take that job offer that would’ve changed your life? Do you hear yourself finding excuse after excuse for why you can’t beat that bad habit? Or perhaps you settle that you’re f*cked up that way and there’s no changing that?

Sometimes the voice in your head tells you that you are ok but the rest of the world cannot understand you or take you seriously. The voice continues on and on giving reasons and emotional back up for the less than positive thoughts you have about yourself and others.

And so the bully has your ear, and the bully is so convinced with victim hood, falsehood and repetitive criticism that you find yourself unable to move; for no better reason than you believing that you are stuck.

The cure to the bully in our minds is not drowning it out, or trying to prove it right or wrong. The best thing we can do is recognize that bully. Surely some criticism and some control is necessary for a healthy heart and mind, but recognize the patterns and the pit holes.

Some of my bully’s patterns and pot holes for example are an on again off again imposter feeling, thoughts of inadequacy, an immense fear of rejection and a general baseline of being an outcast. Now can my bully support those claims? Yes and no. Because if you twist any situation, story or limitation in a certain way, then you can get to the conclusion you want anyway, a method known as confirmation bias.

Your bully just like mine hides behind confirmation bias.

Make peace with that bully no matter how and why you got here today. Your life ought to be lived without the constant undertone of “NO, I Can’t” in your head. Make sure that you locate the processes, and the claims behind your negative thoughts. Catch that bias that guides your life and simply think twice when the reason why you WON’T do something is embedded in self sabotaging habits.

Good luck boys and girls, CONQUER the bully in you and then you can deter the bullies outside.

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