Code not Cracked

I was so close to finding the true meaning of life today; but the thought escaped me as I was rushing to class inorder to present on Chinese-African relations. There is only so much my frail brain can process.
I hated the absurdity of it all. It annoys me that my pursuit of purpose is hindered by mundane silly obligations. It bothers me that I am surrounded by faceless humans who most probably are too stressed out to evaluate their blessing and their evading lives. I dislike that my epiphany was interrupted and forgotten. Tragic is my lack of interest in anything that cannot maximize my pursuit of pleasure.
Yet it terrifies me that tens of presentations from now, I will have completely stopped thinking about existence and spent my time distracted with names and numbers.

Note to strange self: Existential dilemmas are not to be overshadowed by informative presentations.

One reply on “Code not Cracked”

I feel you- completely; I want nothing more than to explore my music and art- but the academic has been killing the artist- and this war is exhausting. Thankfully, I’ll be graduating in December (Behavioral Sciences) and then able to take a year off. I’m so (so very so so) burnt out from school. I feel you. xo


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