Let Go

It is time to really stop searching and looking. What needs to be found will be found. What must never be seen will surely remain out of sight. Those who are bound to change you will crash into you from every direction so it does not matter if you are ready or not. Preparing speeches and rehearsing roles are parts of one endless waste of resources.
Those you are bound to love will land on you like an overweight elephant but will still lift you higher than you ever practiced jumping.
The pit you will fall into will dig itself out even if you are sure of the solid ground beneath you.
Life will take its course and it will carry you along until it decides to leave you for another.
There is no mystery and there is no reason. There will be no dodging bullets or hearts. You will be found and you will be discovered.
There is no remedy but letting go and ultimately retiring to your human helplessness. A beauty so vast and so groundbreaking is reborn everytime you let somebody in and everytime you allow yourself to be taken away without reason.

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