How do you make defeat sound like an experience? How do you look yourself in the mirror and say this is right I am learning and it is part of my journey? Do people really believe in that “therapy”? Does it really work, i don’t know.

Where does one place all the What-ifs and the Maybe’s? How does one decide on and plan for better days? How does one dance in a crowd so obnoxiously spirited away? How can anybody believe again?

The purpose apparently is within our selves, within our souls and our love for one another. I am not very sure of that because that too is doubtful. Where do i go with my bags of what ifs and maybe’s?

Smashing and crashing into words and people, scarring everything we encounter. What do we fix first? ourselves or those we damage along the way everyday. Then all we end up uttering is sorry as though sorry ever made up for any lost tempers or heart breaks.

Maybe after all, we do acknowledge our defeat because apologies become as harmful as the actions themselves. So we purify ourselves by completely surrendering our incapability at reaching expectations and dwelling in the concept of defeat for it is our only self fulfilling shelter.   



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