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The Difference between Happiness and Mood Swings

Let’s all look ahead and around, over and under and really see that the pursuit is only but a treadmill run. We are strong and we are broken at the same time. We are happy and we are miserable at the same time. We can bring light but we can also suck the life out of a room. We are both the good and the bad. We cannot help it because we are human, and we are conscious of our thoughts and our desperations, we compare and we contrast our lives and the depths of pockets. We are so experienced in being ourselves whatever we might think that is, that we believe we are so different from each other. We might look different, and feel different, have unique lives and dispositions, dreams and eccentricities, but the funniest and most common trait we all share is that we cannot outgrow our humanity with all of its ugly bits and its wonderful parts.

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