The Sweet Spot of Living

Let’s admit that for most of us it’s been tough. A tough day for some, crazy year for others and overwhelming decade for many. You might be left here wondering where is that sweet spot of living? This is a note from me to you, and what I really want to say is ” Look at you!”

Look at you living and pushing through. Look at you showing up to your life and the people in it like a champion. Congratulations for pushing through what you needed to overcome; not many can do what you’ve been doing.

Welcome yourself today like you would a long gone friend; maybe a childhood best friend. Give yourself a treat today, show up for yourself and truly feel proud of being here now. Find a sweet spot for yourself in the life you have today. We usually look for validation from other people in our lives and the more we free ourselves from that, the better we become at connecting deeply not just to others but to ourselves too.

The big lie is that one day we wake up, and BOOM everything is clear, life is figured out and we never have to struggle again. Wouldn’t that be nice? The thing is that life without resistance is really boring; and life with too much friction and tension is fucking exhausting. The sweet spot is something in between.

How do you find that sweet spot?

Forgive yourself for your shortcomings, and forgive others for not meeting your expectations of them.

Accept that your life is more like music and art than like a mathematic formula.

Free yourself from your own limiting beliefs.

Love yourself passionately, love others but do not possess them.

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