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My Ultimate Spiritual Tip

After all this time, there is one spiritual lesson I want you to walk away with after meeting me or reading my words:

Balance the fucking terror with unapologetic beauty.

It’s very easy to look around and judge people. However, I have come to find that some of us are more prone to darkened thoughts than others. That is because of the way we were brought up, our experiences, what we continuously expose ourselves to and our genetics. So, in as much similarity we all share with each other, we also have definite differences.

So if you identify as somebody -like me- who tends to spend significant time on the dark side; please take this lesson to heart. Dwelling too much in the darker shades of our thoughts might hinder us from crossing over easily into a lighter way of being.

People who have dealt or continue to deal with depression, anxiety, repressions and other -mind fucks- excuse my french; tend to feel heavier.

There are two main problems with this heaviness:

  1. The first problem occurs when you don’t recognize that it is heavy to live with those things. You have created your own basis of normal, and those around you treat it also as normal. Nobody looks at you with shock and says: “OH MY GOD! What A Damn Weight you carry. Do you ever put it down?” This almost never happens, because we are incapable of being vulnerable with each other, and we do not trust each other. Another reason it doesn’t happen is because society has normalized anxiety, depression, and repression. What does that really mean? Well, it means that no one will kick you out of their club if you say you suffer from those things. But, also, no one will dig much deeper. You will however get the greatest therapeutic advice to have ever existed:” WHY DON’T YOU JUST RELAX.”
  2. The second problem with those of us who know mental terrorism a little too well; is that we feel crippled because of it. People find it more difficult to do regular things when they are fighting battles in their minds all the time. Even worse if they’ve given up and gone numb. If your only option is to fight the weight, then eventually you will get exhausted and get crushed by it. So, you never actually take breaks or take off the heaviness for a second to plan how to better carry it or dismantle and inspect its parts.

Life is NOT without suffering

That’s the thing, I wish it weren’t so, but as long as we have not reached some Guru level enlightenment we will always have some conflict within ourselves. To each his own suffering or struggle. There are darker days and brighter ones. You are lucky to wake up daily and check what is in store for you each day.

The trick is that if you can manage this truth, then you become better capable of addressing beauty in all that it could be.

The Balance

Knowing that both things exist at the same time is the very first step. Terror and beauty are happening all the time; where we direct our attention is what becomes real to us in the moment. That is why we need to be active in the art of creating balance between the two.

One more time, whenever in doubt ask yourself:

Am I Balancing the Terror with Beauty? If not, then what ways can I insert some beauty into my own life? Food, animals, nature, books, movies, music, dance, silence, sky gazing, meditation, yoga, humor, spinning, running, connecting with people, the list goes on….beauty is always available.

Comment for others below, what are ways that you insert beauty into your life?

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