Now that we are human again, what do we do?

A thousand rivers can flow seamlessly beneath your feet, and you could still manage to find and count the rocks that are in the water’s way. The river doesn’t mind and the rocks have no qualms with their position but you do. You cannot but want the rocks out of the river, by its side where they theoretically belong so the water can flow in a manner that you deem perfect.

What else are you unable to just let be?

Has there been some sort of unspoken agreement that we were owed something by the world we lived in and continuously disrupted? Did we at some point in our assent into God like supremacy over nature stumble over a serum of immortality and immunity? There has been a sense that we as a species are becoming exempt from all checks and balances of existence, as though we are doing each other and the earth we are living on a favor by existing.

We however, are amazing creatures at cognitive learning and acquiring knowledge; yet we somehow keep on missing the mark and the point. So we make up for our lack of awareness by our over alertness to life’s problems; especially those which we are able to solve. And the species with the advanced problem solving skills eventually reaches a point where it starts creating new problems for itself because the only confirmation of existence we start to have is our incessant need to create and then untangle issues.

We find ourselves today in a situation we did not anticipate. Bill Gates warned the world five years ago, but what does he know? He is only one of the world’s most prominent problem solvers, why listen to him?

What Can We Do with Our Big Brains?

Surely, lay people like you and I are in no position to legislate or enforce any measures that can save millions of lives. So what can we do with our big brains instead of creating social media challenges that further enhance and reconfirm our unquenchable thirst for attention and being loved? We have unfortunately stopped paying attention to the world that gives us life and only view it from high rises and shiny screens as though we are detached from it. We were always part of the life cycle, that natural chain that linked us to the trees we chopped, the animals we tested on and killed and the water and air and land we polluted. How is it possible hence now for us to still be immune?

Regardless what type of illnesses befall us, they are less malicious than the fact that they can disrupt our systems, change our ways of life and ultimately remind us of our own morbidity.

This however, is not a piece about the darkness that we have all been hurled into. On the contrary it is about the light that must explode out of every corner of our being.

That light begins in the heart and travels up to the mind lights it up and sends the signal to your body to just stop and let go of that need to steer. This is not a car, this is not a man made aircraft and we are not in need of navigating any ship into safety. All of those stories, those narratives might not hold true now.

We must make a spiritual pitstop at some point. One that does not even need a God or a special universal force. We must check in with ourselves, our own sanity, our own clarity and our own assumptions about life. We must click our heels twice and realize that our lockdowns at home for the privileged among us are not difficult because of the four walls we are stuck between. They are about the body, the heart and the mind we are stuck with, and no amount of distraction and/or donuts in the world can avert our attention far enough to make us forget the fear of being simply human.

Human, nothing more nothing less. We are that, merely so and yet so brilliant when we come to terms with the powers instilled within us. We are nothing short of wonderful and inevitably remarkable at withstanding hardship.

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We do not need to live forever, or even be eternally immune to everything. We must however, unburden ourselves from our supreme concepts and settle into that untapped intuitive strength which helps us overcome when we can and let go where we must.

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