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The Art of Transforming Responsibility into Contribution

Adulthood and its responsibilities must not mean helplessness and lack of choice, but it must mean freedom to contribute.

What are we responsible for?

That’s a good question we rarely ask ourselves, and one that I recently found myself wondering about extensively.

There are many things we find ourselves doing, countless boxes we tick, and days of ongoing mental scenarios about things we should/could say, or maybe never should have said. To say that we carry an immense load is an understatement. To be fair, we just do what must be done, but who determines the must, well that’s where the pit of our anxieties lay.

Children understand their responsibilities because parents or authority figures determine them clearly (when that isn’t done, well a lot of built up trauma and confusion ensues). As adults we must reimagine the ways in which we perceive and receive our responsibilities. We learn our duties as we grow, until they grow with us. Except, do responsibilities really expand and become more difficult or is it our perception of them?

I think that our responsibility is threefold, it includes many branches, but it also is not as heavy as we think it should be.

  1. Responsibility for SelF; this includes mind body and spirit.
  2. Responsibility for community; this includes family friends and people in general.
  3. Responsibility for home and it’s elements; that includes the physical spaces we occupy, the bigger planet that sustains us and its creatures.

We must keep a balance between our responsibilities and we must maintain a sense of wellness, kindness and gentleness in how we approach those.

If you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders then you are neglecting your responsibility for your self. If you live to please and help others, you might also be coming out short of meeting your own needs and the needs of the home that sustains you. To make the loop complete, if you only care about yourself and perceive your needs as singular ones, then you might be losing touch with those who surround you and that which provides for you.

Consider your responsibilities and think about how you perceive each one, is there a balance? Is there a feeling of contentment and contribution?

We complicate life, and we lose touch with one thing after the other every time we choose to focus on something and forget the rest. Yet, rest assured that you are not alone,. In truly believing that, the connections that you will make simply by fulfilling the balance that wants to live through you, your responsibilities will become life vessels and contributions.

Responsibility is not supposed to be a negative experience, on the contrary, it ought to be a peaceful equation, a map that helps you determine whether you are lost, and where you ought to be in order to regain power in your life. Adulthood and its responsibilities must not mean helplessness and lack of choice, but it must mean freedom to contribute.

What are your responsibilities? Can you view them as contributions instead of worries? Can you find power in feeling like you carry so much weight? Can you choose to pick up that weight in parts and give yourself reason for doing so?

Try it, you might be surprised.

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