New Perspectives

Mind Hack: Be The Magnet

If you were a magnet what would you attract? What would you repel?

Look at yourself right now, and imagine that everything in your life is stuck on to you. Imagine every thought with its own weight, every person and place and emotion stuck on to you externally. How heavy can you possibly become? Now what if you lose your charge completely? What if everything and everyone falls off, how would that feel?

What if you got to choose what to carry? What if you were given the ability to repel certain thoughts, people memories and events?

See, not all people have the same magnetic force, same as emotions, thoughts and memories, and places. We spend a lot of our time not noticing how heavy somethings are, and when we are absolutely consumed by their unyielding force we wonder what it is that makes us feel so heavy, so weighed down.

Except we can do something about it. We can take a minute maybe even a day to think about the experience of being stuck to too many things; we can dwell on the importance and significance of that. We can then understand why it is that with some people we feel weightless, and with others we cannot move.

We must learn what serves us, what is good for us and what isn’t. We must detach from the forceful and detrimental elements; no matter how difficult it is.

What if you could choose when to turn your magnet off, and simply let go of what’s stuck to you? What if all you need to do is think about it and recognize that harmful things are being done to you simply because you are unaware that there is an off button.

We don’t all live in the same manner, and surely some of us are better than others in knowing when to switch off, and when to go all out attracting the best things in life. You are bound to get some unwanted objects stuck to you here an there, but the act of cleansing always rids you of what was, and allows you to reconsider what could be.

So switch that magnet off, and give yourself a second. You deserve some time off.

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