Brain Chatter and The Opinions We Form

Are you right simply because you feel strongly about it?

Take a moment and look here, give this a couple more seconds of attention and read 2 more sentences. Now move on, but before you do let me point you to this:

Our minds are filled with chatter, a lot of it is our own, but it also is made up of everything we read, everything we hear and most of what we see and choose to tell ourselves about it.

How do you determine what your opinion about something is? Do you first check how you feel about said topic? Perhaps it makes you angry or maybe just sad? You start to develop a harsh opinion, one that serves those strong emotions. You look for reasons that serve the opinion you have already made in your head, and reasons that reaffirm your emotions and your energy is then doubled because maybe many others share your reasons. How objective are you really? How objective can we actually be?

Are you right simply because you feel strongly about it?

It is hard to differentiate between how we feel about something, and what it really is as a stand alone thing (minus our feelings). One is fed by our experiences and our sensory history and the other is completely mute to us and our existence around it. We tend to live our lives completely in that loop, and little do we step away from something no matter how close to examine and wonder about our relation to it.

And so we choose that we either love (fill in the blank) ______ or hate it. But mind you, we become rigid if we don’t allow ourselves some space from our opinion to check what it looks like on its own (ideally).

The purpose of this post is to ask you one thing:

Where does the chatter in your head come from?

Does it come from books written by certain types of people? OR by magazines directed towards specific kinds of audiences? Do you consume only one type of media vs the other or is your experience universal? Are you capable of shutting down the chatter in you mind by recalling some facts that put your opinions in line? OR are your thoughts saturated with a single color, experience and definition?

Imagine your brain is a news feed, when you want to tap into it what will you find? Who do you follow? Who and what feeds your thoughts and opinions? Is it filled with very precise and similar content or is it quite wide and open? Does it allow expansion, can you read more into things or is it just images and one liners with little depth?

Try to think about this slightly complex sentence:

Know that just because we think something should be a certain way because it makes us feel better, it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

Learn how to listen and how to always keep one foot in someone else’s shoes despite how funny it sounds. Don’t walk that mile don’t even skip twice, but recognize that the road isn’t yours alone, there are other feet and other shoes walking beside you against you across you and under you. Who are you really in that sea of opinions and experiences? Are you the only one who is right? and does it really matter? Click back into your self and really listen to the chatter in your in head, is it a good place? Is it an angry one or a naive one? Take two steps back and think about how you would like your self to be and work on that chatter, work on the content that goes into your brain feed.

Keep it good, keep it clean and keep it real; more facts, less opinions and put a lid on your strong feelings maybe even talk to someone about them. Life is too short for rigid thoughts better yet, life is filled with wonder if you follow the right content.

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