The Lazy Club: For People Who Want to Stop Being Lazy

Why you will continue to be underwhelming.

You know that feeling when that sweet mood hits? where you had been putting something off for a day or 10, and thinking to yourself, I’ll do that when I’m in the mood for it. The day comes sooner than later, and that long awaited mood hits! Your pupils dilate and your heart beats faster, your focus increases and you want to push through the task at hand; FINALLY! The sweetness of Wanting to do what you must do anyway. Also Known as The MOOD THAT ALMOST NEVER COMES.

Most of the generations before us didn’t have the luxury of waiting for the mood to hit. Being ready for something, or being in the mood to do it was never part of the thoughts they could have before action. They just did what they needed to for as long as they needed to do it in order to achieve said target. They obviously then developed machines to do a lot of their jobs for them because machines don’t have moods, and when oiled and maintained correctly do not get exhausted and go get a divorce because they are sick of that life; where their mood never mattered to their bosses or their wives or husbands. Long story short, dedication and commitment used to be a lot more popular; but then a lot of things happened, and life got easier, and we didn’t have the urgency to act on things anymore; and so the laziness era of Netflix and selfies took over.

A good question to ask yourself when faced with the dreaded necessity of choosing between now or later is this: Am I not doing this because I’m lazy? Will I stop being lazy in an hour or in a day or in a year? If you were honest with yourself and the answer was NO, my laziness will prevail for as long as I let it, then WELCOME to my Lazy Club for people who want to stop being lazy.

Laziness looks harmless in the beginning, it looks easy and just fleeting. Nothing to make of it. Except, laziness grows and grows like a vine that feeds off of a leaky faucet. Your brain is that leaky faucet, and your thoughts (better yet, excuses) are out of control. They seep out and feed that laziness until it becomes a cornerstone of your character and possibly one of the major reasons you wont succeed.

So my lazy friend, I respect that not wanting to do something just because you are not in the mood is a good enough reason for many things. But notice when it starts getting to the big things, the important ones. Our excuses are due to our preference for being babies in certain situations. But know when it’s time to step up, when you need to throw that rattle in the air and make that punch of a move instead.

Those of us who show up, stand up, and choose to do what others aren’t in the mood for, get a lot more out of life; and a lot more out of themselves. Laziness affirms our insecurities and our feelings of not being good enough. It throws our game completely off course and we start to navigate only easy routes that offer little challenge.

So let’s not wait for that sweet mood to hit, but let’s see our tasks for what they are, that they do not need to mean something or be on our schedule, but they do give us an insane advantage.


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