How Do YOU Crack An Egg? A Dab into the Absurd

This post is probably a waste of your time, but if you read between the lines (Feel that subtext in your beautiful body) you will learn something. ENJOY.

When did something that blatantly identifies itself as a waste of time ever stop us from putting time into it?

Do you find yourself cross eyed reading labels you never cared to check? Do you wonder about old age and have some new found sense of respect for people who have lived longer than you? Are you reading the news a little too compulsively? Do you look at the younger generation and have unnecessary opinions about their thoughts, outfits and lives? Congratulations, you have become the classic ADULT; or so you think you have. Adults nowadays, spend a lot of time focusing on certain things that are of significant importance.

Did you know that Huffington Post surveyed 1000 Americans asking them how they crack their eggs? Not metaphorically but really, on the counter top or on the edge of a pan?

Are you still reading and want to know the unnecessary statistic that follows?

You guessed it, 57% of the surveyed crack their “non metaphorical” eggs on the edge of a pan, while 23% crack them on a counter top (which according to chef experts in egg cracking is the safer method for avoiding shells in your cracked eggs). The most interesting finding is that 5% AREN’T SURE HOW THEY CRACK THEIR EGGS.

Now, those people are interesting. How can you not know how you cracked your egg?

Obviously we can learn a lot from the numbers. We can learn that there are two types of people, those who are aware of how they crack eggs, and those who are unaware of their preferred egg cracking method.

We can also learn that there are numerous ways to waste our time; and we can choose to do so abundantly. Another lesson is that people generally don’t care what the experts say, since they clearly all decide to crack their eggs on the edges of pans contrary to advice that you will drop shells into your eggs that way, consequently wasting time picking them out.

So how do you crack your “metaphorical” eggs? Do you pay attention to the method or do you care about the end result only? Do you listen to the experts? Or are you just generally unsure?

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