A disclaimer on the photo used: The monkey picture is a GOOD example of giving. The monkey reached out its adorable fingers as I handed it peanut after peanut; the feeling was wonderful for both of us. If Giving doesn’t make you feel good, stop it my friends. And read on, because there is a reason for that.

What do we do when we find that we some how ended up sliced open, fully exposed, with the rest of our bodies being taken in for one last round of screening; just in case there is something left in there of value that has not been given away for free, by who else but us almighty?

There is something to know here, that we can GIVE TOO MUCH. It Is Possible. Especially if we have no idea what we are doing, and are just practicing what every self help guru out there is saying. JUST GIVE, YOU WILL FELL BETTER!

  • Well yes, but HOW do we give?
  • WHAT do we give exactly?
  • And best of all, TO WHOM do we give?

First things first, nobody is perfect, and as far as science knows, none of us are angels. So it doesn’t hurt to admit that we love gifts, we love it when we can receive something we really wanted, needed or simply just discovered that we did. Once we recognize this basic trait of our humble human souls, we can try to attain higher grounds; better known as becoming givers.

So How Do We Give?

Well, we initially must give ourselves. If I cannot give myself kind words, gentle gestures and a hard heart felt talking to when I need it, then I cannot do that for someone else. That is why only when we are really good at giving ourselves kindness, can we really understand what that means for others. Then we can see what our kind words, gentle gestures and a hard heart felt talking to can do for people we care for.

What Do We Give?

Essentially our best bet is realizing that time is a major asset to present for ourselves, and then to others. Giving time to someone we care about will put us in a position to then understand what they want or need; surely if we listen. Giving time to someone doesn’t count if you spend 2 hours together, each on a mobile device liking instagram pictures and nodding to one another.

To Whom Must We Give What Ought to Be Given?

You guessed it, give yourself first and then move on to the next lucky winner. That is a major point because we can get lost so quickly, so quietly and elaborately giving away pieces of ourselves to others, ones we had no idea we needed; simply because we weren’t paying attention. Once we feel the abundance within, it becomes a joy to give others; to listen and provide care wherever necessary.

Giving must not consume us; because that my friends is no longer giving; it is being completely careless and reckless; it is thinking we can push one more deed out because we are so wonderful. Thats is toxic, and that is plain I’m sorry to have to say it; but I will, stupid.

Now that’s what a hard heart felt talking to feels like

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