Are You Having a Bad Day? Take this Moment

This is for us to just be in the stillness of a tough day, a bad night, or a rough year.

This is for the brave ones and the people who smile despite it all. This is for the bodies that get beaten down but still rise every day to a new fight. This is for the spirits that set themselves aflame to light the dimmest rooms and become wild fires in the darkness that surrounds them. This is for you my love, and for me because sometimes all we have are those softly beating hearts that can no longer stand yet another ache.

Let’s just be today, let’s grab onto our sweetest memory and slide our fingers through it and into it. Let our smile breathe life into a dull day that cannot bear more pain and struggle.

Feel the gentle breath take itself on a trip inside your nostrils and into your muffled throat, let it feel its way deep inside your lungs and fill them with air and fondness for a better day tomorrow, allow some air into your stomach and let it all go..

So breathe slow and exit your brain for a second, stay with the words and a single beautiful thought; time passes slowly sometimes, and the suffering ends; so does the fear. You remain with the strength of your spirit and the tiredness of your light; so just shimmer through and reflect specs of light that need nothing from you but your kind acknowledgment.

This is for us to just be in the stillness of a tough day, a bad night, or a rough year. This is because behind every mask we wear, and every door that shuts, there is a breath waiting for us. A breath that tells us to stay there, remove ourselves from the noise and unfold.

Let’s be here together, find peace, take joy, reread the words that must be read out loud and then allow your body rest. Gather strength from the air surrounding you and the floor beneath your feet, imagine your roots digging through and absorbing what they need and nothing more.

Then just lay there and let life be…

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