Wild Life

Reconnect with Trees and Life will be Good to you

As much as this is about the greens, this is about us. We can learn to become better, and to breathe deeper and take care of ourselves by taking care of simpler beings.

Look up.

At first glance, how much green can you see? And by green I don’t mean money, although it would be pretty cool to have a visual of your money stacked up in front of you at a random glance. But NO. By green I mean trees, you know those harmless living things that we learned to draw with brown and green crayons before we learned how to speak.

Pocahontas’s Grandmother Willow, The Avatar’ Tree of Life… and the wonderful species of twigs and leaves that breathe our air and help us live. The spectacular greens.

How much green are you currently surrounded with? If your answer is closer to zero, then we have a problem. The beauty of this problem is that solving it is easy. And what human doesn’t like a quick fix to a big problem? So let this lift your spirit back and away from the pipes and the gutters, the cement and the fumes.

First things first, WHY? Is there a good reason why you cannot have greens in your living space? Is it medical? If not, then read on.

Second, if the reason is that you just haven’t noticed, and haven’t thought of it; well you can stop reading now, and just go buy yourself a plant that can live in your particular space. Just google “Indoor Plants” if you are indoors, and “Outdoor Plants” if you want to put it/them outside. Don’t use the excuse that you are incapable of keeping greens alive. Some of them are indestructible, find one.

Another suggestion is to check out “NASA’s list of the best air filtering houseplants”.

We have become too used to life away from nature, devoid of it. Unfortunately, some of us cannot even notice the cement anymore. Think about the poor aesthetic, about the effects of dark, bland rooms, hallways, buildings, and streets? The words themselves make me feel claustrophobic. It is not about going around hugging trees, and talking to them, although the hippie in me will totally support this initiative in you. The idea is to help yourself, by bringing your body and you soul closer to other types of living things that will do nothing less of add color to your life. Think about all the beautiful pictures you can take next to the plant you will buy after reading this.

Consider it an experiment, try to fill your room with 2 shades of green, perhaps a colorful pot too. Put a book beside that pot, and a little bottle of water. Place it across from a window and savor the experience. Breathe deeper, and stretch out your body, and think about something or someone you love.

As much as this is about the greens, this is about us. We can learn to become better, and to breathe deeper and take care of ourselves by taking care of simpler beings. Give it a try and watch how your heart grows with every piece of green you plant around you. There are enough toxins in the world, play a different part and see what it looks like from the other side.

What happens when you look up and see more green than grey?

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