Life Advice: Listen to your big brother

In the probability of you not having a big brother, you could listen to mine. You are most welcome.

The beginning of Appreciation

Is it me or does it become easier to appreciate your siblings the older that you get? They start seeming more like humans, less like Barbie doll mansion wrecking machines. Do you remember how irritating it used to be when your parents would ask you to watch your brother or sister? Or how useless it was to try and enjoy a game when sibling x would continually get it wrong/cheat/win because they were simply so much better?

It builds character to say the least, whether it builds you into an awesome person or an annoying baby, is up to you I suppose.

Let’s stick to appreciation, especially to all the big brothers out there.

Disclaimer: Sisters are lacking in my life, so I can’t speak for that experience; my outfits have always been exclusive to me. However growing up with brothers, my food and my personal space were shared commodities.

Let’s call them older siblings, send this out to them because its their birthday, or birth week, or actually simply because they were born before us. They did us a favor and started out tripping and falling a few steps ahead of us. They made it easy for us to expect traps, and hopefully learn to not fall in the same way, yet when we did, they had stories to tell and advice to give about that one time a similar thing happened to them.

Ladies and gentlemen! Life is not easy. It is so fun when you get to have an older version of your genes and blood living in a unique manner. I want to obliterate everything deep from the impact of such experience and simply talk about the amount of fun you get to have FOREVER. Especially if your sibling is ultimately and for years to come cooler than you.

I recognize how linear I am drawing life to be. Surely experiences don’t occur on a first come first serve basis; if they had, life experiences would have been fully consumed by now; after tens of millions of human lives on earth. I promise you that is not where I’m going.

Life Advice: the wisdom of the siblings

I actually want to share with you some amazing older brother wisdom; a concept he had taught me over 10 years ago, he was only 22 or so back then, I was 16 years old. I decided to visually depict it today, I brought back “Perception A” from basic memory, and as you can see, very basic. The second perception, he drew in the air for me a few days ago during a conversation that began with Rick and Morty, centered around dramatic life realizations and ended with Rick and Morty.

life paths

If our life was a movie, my brother would have to be the character with the most character development. The above perceptions are simple. They tell you that at some point -perception A- he believed that he had to teach me not to give up. After every crash comes a good climb to the top. He was a step ahead always, so he also felt that a slide was to be expected after every high point. The notion was quite extreme, but helped immensely, during my down phases. I’d stay positive, during my up phases I’d get ready, and stay realistic.

This has been modified today. Life, in hindsight, becomes a process filled with major life events of varying colors-perception B. It stops being a long way up and long crash down; you become smarter, your breaks get better and your wings get bigger.

Having somebody you love and trust tread the life path ahead of you helps. When they are brave, lively and very honest is a plus too. It helps when someone nods back at us and tells us that its all going to be alright even when they aren’t so sure of it either.

“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!” Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit

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