What it feels like

Do you want to know what happinness feels like? Do you wonder about the abundance or even absence of joyful moments in your life? I could ask away forever, but I won’t, instead I am going to share what happiness look like for me, because who knows? It might help you find your own.

He is the love of my life, and it happens that love decided to embody itself in his name for me. It is a joy to wake up and close my eyes everyday to the blessing of loving and being loved. Every time we meet, my heart swells and beats a little more gently. Those are moments of joy.

The day I discovered the wonder of mindfulness and meditation. I close my eyes and breathe in and out just as Thich nhat hanh teaches. I am swallowed by a silence and a sense of mercy unlike any other and it keeps getting more incredible every time I practice. I find joy waiting for me inside every time even if it were in the company of sadness. The joy is real. 

The joy out of the high of exercise. The sweat, the emancipation of fear, the blood pumping into places you didn’t know existed in your body. Happiness envelopes that state despite every challenge.

I cannot change the cards I have been dealt, but I sure as hell can get creative. And that is how I plan to live. Creative in my sadness and creative in my joy. What is being human if not experimenting with emotion and activity? 

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