This brightness blinds my eyes, and all I can do is squint. All this light, for what? What is the purpose of it? So what if it contrasts the dark? Then what? 

I find myself wounded and withered, shivering at the edge of the pedestal. I have finally succumbed to reality, I let it win. I let it dry out the prayers and the wishes. I let reality collide with my days and they both swallowed me whole. 

Time runs and i scramble behind it, I leap at its tail and it elopes. I am always alert and it is always ahead. Time has skipped over my expectations and its basking in reality. 

I have lost touch with the person, the truth within. I am not very sure of the why’s, the whats and the how’s anymore. Cliches everywhere I look, hiding in every thought I have. I don’t know what’s mine anymore, where have I put all my secret hopes, desires and fears? Have I abandoned myself to join the masses? To become one of them? Another great day lived filled with facts and reality?

I am somewhere here in this, I must be lingering waiting to be found again. 

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