Truth recognizes us long before we recognize ourselves, same as the darkness recognizes the night. It wakes us up in the middle of the night and pins us to the walls we worked all day to put up. It is a devil that does not stop, it puts us in our place when we try to forget. 

Truth needs no music and no beat to come up, it is there with the silence and the night. We claw at our faces and at our souls we stop, because souls are untouchable, unachievable and do not belong to us. We end up with dirty feet and torn up faces, and our souls peer through, they dance and chant at the ruin at every break of dawn. We catch a glimpse of whom we could be, what we ought to become if only our souls weren’t so shy. But at every day break we forget and we start over, oblivious to the revelations of the night. 

We hide so well, but sometimes we are fearless. Sometimes we tell ourselves that our lives and our worlds are not actually on fire, and that we are alright. Not every night holds ruin, some nights truth wakes us up to remember and put down in words what we may soon forget. 

We are alright, and in the right shade of darkness we do not need light. 

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