When You Feel Stuck

Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it is great. We may not understand the reasons behind it or the paths towards it, but in the end change is necessary.

Life does not go by alphabetically, or numerically, or systemically. It could happen in bursts, bundles and heaps of days, years or decades; but change follows, it always does.

I do have my prejudices about change, i have an unhealthy relationship with it, i treat it like a need, without it i tend to lose purpose. Then again we are different, we are each wired in our own specific ways that enable us to have such unique lives and experiences no matter how miniscule the differences. Many crave routine and they have every right to love it.

We tend to love what we know and run from the vague, the unexpected and the blurry. Somewhere as we grow in years we become more loving of real expectations, we become less likely to believe in magic, and sadly less likely to believe in ourselves.

Come what may at the end of the day, we cannot tell the future whether we are 5 years old or 87. We utilize our full capacities to avoid big bad surprises and equip ourselves with enough plans to last a life time. We make too many plans and the problem is that they usually outlive us.

I make a decision almost every day to try and live simply, less chaotically, more vividly. Some days i succeed and on others i really don’t. You may be making the exact opposite decision for yourself daily and there is nothing wrong with that. You may love plans, routines, real expectations, and complicated fast paced days and there is no reason why it makes your way of living any less important than mine.

I am tired of preaching, it is everywhere and everybody does it. We are lectured on exactly how we are supposed to “be” through every sensory and technological outlet out there. We are being reduced and not improved by that pressure.

We are becoming diluted by today’s world, stripped out of our common sense and our love for everything that makes us so damn different.

Everything inherently raw in us should be celebrated and not vilified. Live in the world you love and feel free to exaggerate your need for either sameness or  uniqueness! whichever side you choose; i hope you like your seat. Just keep in mind, you can always move, there is always a way.

2 replies on “When You Feel Stuck”

Hi there,

Your quote of “live simply, less chaotically, more vividly” really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing! I love your posts, they reflect exactly my thoughts of what I go through. I am in my 20s and I feel like I am in the between stages of life where I am still figuring out who I am and what I want to do, which can be really overwhelming at times as I enter the adult world.



Hi Tina,
I’m in the same sphere, and as you can see that has been the purpose of my entire blog, to document those moments and insights and try to tread softly through every day.
I’m happy that you liked it and that it resonates. That is exactly what I hope to do. To make it easier and more exciting not just for myself but for you too:)


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