A breeze passes by my skin and something shifts; my hair and my mind. The beat in my heart watches you blink and it plays along; one for me and one for you. 

You smile and I am shifted, my knees cross and my foot plays loops of motion around your house. That grin; there it is shifting me again and I am on my head staring at you upside down from up and around. You tilt your head slowly trying to find me vertically ; but there are no lines here no shape or form. There is me sometimes oblique and sometimes flesh and bone. There is you somehow clear flat and placid, and sometimes rainy mountainous terrain. 

Sometimes it’s us and we always manage to find a way of shifting into eachother’s worlds. I crack at the edges like glass and break at your floor until you burst into flame and make me whole again. Flashes of little light I invade your dark looking for particles made of you. I reflect and effect, I retract and react with your space until we become Rays and shadows so long and strong. 

Sometimes I’m me and your you, and we talk until there are no sounds and no lies and nothing left whatsoever. Everything goes even me and even you, yet as we go something shifts and I come to realize that I never got to be you and you were never me. Everything that ever created the little flashes of you has never created me, and everything that touched you was yours alone. That thought shifts the being in me and I come to see that I have never loved you for loving me. I loved you and all your edges, all your forms and every spectacular property of you. I loved your singularity and your ends. The truth is I love the space between us, and every little shift it may contain.

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