Sprint for Normalcy

My fingers approach these letters timidly as they have not touched them in quite a long time.
My hand twitches as it points towards the words it has chosen to create. My mind stretches and it’s rusty limbs crack as out of shape thoughts put on their running shoes.
Not much meaning can be made as I have been trying to disappear to no avail. Apparently once you come into existence there really is no way out; not even existential vacations. I have been cheated and Ill informed before entering this unforgiving relentless world.
You can find me under books and beside my cat. You can find my metaphors all hunched awkwardly on cover letters and inside emails never returned. You can see my precious head if you look really close under my parents expectations. You may think I am joking. I probably am.
I probably am enjoying the fact that I am lucky in some weird twisted socially unacceptable way. I possibly know my worth too well to throw my self at any eyelash batting opportunity. I maybe had no idea that I would be the last one standing holding on to whatever I have been preaching ever since I learned the essence of a meaningful and happy life. I may be the one who gets away from the dream eating, ambition decreasing, wallet fattening career.
I may be forgotten. So I pick up a suitcase filled with words and sprint after that train.
We’ll see.

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