Twenty two years of days

Days stand still on a ledge with their eyes closed and their palms over their ears. Every time you push one over that ledge they neither hear nor feel a thing; your days are immune to your nonchalance by now. Twenty two years of days leaving, some voluntarily and others by force.
Some times you never wanted to leave your day’s hand and you squeezed as it let go of yours. Some times your day was so mundane you let go of it before it even began. The consistency of days leaving you behind has become age,memory and sorrow conflicting with your misunderstanding of forever.
Some times a day took so many heartbeats, some times you wished it would at least take one. Your days have been filled if not by vanity then by reminiscing of days that were.
Some days made you shrink so small, your back bone welding to the soles of your immobile feet. Those days left you in the scariest and biggest cities. Those days kept their eyes open and heard you every time you cried. Those days were fearless, they were the ground that your concrete faith shattered upon. Those days remained ever after you looked away, they stayed under your breaking voice and your fearful anticipation of new lights. Those days mattered.
Who are you now? Do you have one day to blame, do you loathe a month or a year? Or do you love? Do you adore that every syllable and every tune is going to remain in it’s allocated day? Do you fret repetition or are you thankful that every day comes and gives you all of it’s hours? Do you know where you are going? Or are you tangled in one second, one moment, one day that you cannot seem to overcome. Where are you now and will you be brave enough to let it all go?
What have you today that makes you so elated or utterly diffused? Are you happy today, at this particular moment?
Challenge your habitual sedation, awaken your courage, if only for now. Find your joy, because when today leaves and tomorrow looks at you,it would be nice to love it’s flowing hours with your remaining heartbeats.

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