I don’t believe in you tonight

In the land of no belief and no angels she suddenly flashes her eyes open. Fear smudges itself upon her face as she camouflages her fragile and naive self. What resembles her in this land ? What resembled her in other lands? Has anything ever resembled her? Nothing there.
Yet there it is again standing so passively and guilt ridden. That bleakness of a loneliness she thought she’d never see anymore. It is the same in every land and no camouflage ever managed to hide her from its intoxicating eyes. She knew those eyes; they always found her, apparently they still do.
Caught between two extremities, and she runs from both. At each end waits one demon and one angel. There is no way within and no way without. She escapes one demon to find that another awaits thirsty and passionate for her flaws. She comforts herself with the angel ahead, yet mourns the one she lost. And so the spectrum remains and she refrains…nights and days merge and emerge only to free her from nothing but dreams.
Something is missing as she drinks liquid blessings and smokes winning bets. She never worked for anything, she never asks.
She never crashed into anything but herself.
In the land of every belief and divine beings, she is yet to catch herself.

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