How to Dream


Make your way through the faces and the traces of doubt and debris. Flip through the pages and don’t mourn wasted ink or forgotten places. Excuse yourself from all expectations and indulge in the world of possibility. Freefall, absolutely weightless and let the gravity of dreams devour you. Understand that reality is only contrasted with vast, uninhibited, insane dreams. Understand that you must allow yourself to wander off so vaguely and lightly into that land. Understand that the only way one truly lives is by being wildly inspired by those dreams and possibilities. Let the charm of enchantment completely uplift you worlds above consciousness and reality. Get so close, give into the helpless magnetism of magic. Close your eyes and rest, you dont need physical senses for this journey. Wait for the shock under your skin, hold your breath for the insanity that will feverishly fill every space within you. You are not hollow here, you are not vacant.
Savour the assymatry of your thoughts and the chaos of your emotions, experience being shackled in the embrace of countless loving arms. Let it boil, let your nerves charge with a confusion they have never dealt with before. Understand the convergance between dreams and reality as they lock simultaneously in one touch out of every world known to you.

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