Under the word “Exquisite”

Flashes of emotion make their way through the numbness of a turned off brain. As i force the silence to drown out unbearable noise, an awkward sickness occupies my mind.
I feel and i hurt quietly as i hush every thought to sleep. It always takes time and i have nothing but time. I have time to fight myself and prevail every day. I have time to fight again and lose every night. I have time to repeat myself and sleep my days into weeks. I have time to fix myself over and over again but with no repair.
I have time and i have words. Words without sound, and words empty of shame. I have words unheard and misspelled into sentences that rhyme.
And so i stretch the time and i dwell beneath my words in hopes of never being found. An array of human-like traits as impersonal as the word “exquisite” become my qualities and my reputation. How can anybody be found under a word like “exquisite”? So subjective and so tainted.
The awkward sickness of an over abundance of time and unspoken words, complicates my talent for mechanical numbness and i dive into the vortex all over again.

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