Opaque Windows

We must release ourselves from the castles and the walls. Smash the windows and break the doors. Start the revolution of a life we are well deserving of. We must free ourselves from minds so irritated by overthinking and inflamed with questions left unanswered.
We have nothing to hide away from because the worst of it all is inevitable and eternal. We self destruct so naturally and flawlessly into corpses and has beens. We become names and memories and there is no shame in that.
We cannot let scribbles on those walls define us, we cannot allow our space to remain so untouched and unchanged.
So maybe you are defeated, and maybe you lean against solid walls and find comfort in a shade so overwhelming you forget light ever existed. Maybe you wait for a purpose to fall from the sky or rise from under your feet. But what if youre doing it wrong? What if the dark is not all there is to the night? What if your castle is only a prison? What if while you built that tower, you forgot the way out?
We live our lives looking out of our marble windows. We peek and we squint at a world we might never touch or feel. We postulate opinions and suggestions about everything out there as we close our eyes and lock our doors.
Maybe the best salvation is a chaotic, unrehearsed and overestimated impulse. Maybe smashing your fists right through opaque glass is all it takes.
Maybe blood rolls down your palms as dust settles around you and the world finally finds you.
We must let ourselves dive out bruised and broken, colorless and unwelcome, numb and passive; the crash is all that matters. The impact; the collision itself is what we live for after all.

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