Reminder: When outnumbered and overwhelmed look here

Come find me where ever you are. Find me and see me as i truly am. See me and hear me like nobody ever has. Hear me and understand this mind of mine. Understand me and love everything i am and everything i will never be. I need this now more than ever, don’t you look away.

Sit with me and put your head on my lap, let me believe in you again. Allow me to create your world and spellbind you with my vernacular. Join your pursuit with mine and let us travel in the night until we can no longer tell our paths apart. Just stay and calm my beating heart, if only for a poem or a dance. Just hold on and exist with me.

Its been too long since i have written to you, and though you are abstract and you only exist in my imagination and in my dreams, i do find you in strangers every once in a while, when I’m lucky.

You are everything i want and you live to please me. You happen to be there when my mind is challenged, and you smile from afar when you know I’m happy. You ask for nothing and you give very little, life is more than give and take for you. You dwell in nature and you sing my songs. You watched me as i laughed and read Goethe on that subway ride. You knew i found myself at that moment as though I’ve lived a life before. You saw me looking up at the sky on my first walk in Hyde park and you knew i never wanted to forget that moment as long as i lived.

Not in this lifetime will you exist for anybody else. I can call you mine and i can reach out for you the way i want to. You love what i am eternally and i believe you found me in your own way somewhere along this text. You inspire me and that is my purpose, to become everything i can be in your presence and to be humbled by your absence.

Life happens so fast and it scares me because i know I can’t be quick enough. So let this space here remind me that even when i feel outnumbered and overwhelmed, i can still create this love story of you and I.

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