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Music in NYC

What do i make of this daily experience? What do i make of this irrevocable loud performance of confusion? What does one know against all odds, in light of every undiscovered soul and unheard sound? How will i ever be certain of any single thing in life if my mind considers admitting any type of absolute as a form of human arrogance.
I run to music, i frantically and furiously inject it into my system. Then i listen, and i feel. It sterilizes fear and it emancipates certainty. Music entrances my chaos and suddenly my entire being is in zero gravity. Everything floats, even my thoughts.
I Silence the world with music.
Being alone has magnified my senses, and it has vagued my perceptions. Walking city streets with nothing surrounding me but cold concrete shooting into the skyline, i watch people and i watch lights; my mind does not rest here. Meanwhile, my heart smiles awkwardly at every possibility of human interaction. It stands in the corner waiting to be invited into this rave so it could finally taste the anarchy of this unrelenting musical.
Noise fades into symphonies when i am exhausted by the doubts of my mind. I fall asleep with a heavy heart caressed by some breathtaking tune. Dreams then take life and they dance me through every night.
Music is the reason. Thats the only certainty i know.

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