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Sometimes We Need

Sometimes we need to generalize in order to get through those lonely days. We have our fights but our wounds are the same. We give so much of our hearts and we quietly scramble away with whatever is left of our prides. We drag our fears along everywhere we go and we hide our hopes in prospects that life will pay us back.
We smile and hide away when all we want is to be seen. We pretend for too long until our humanity brings us to our knees.
Today I lay humbled before the tragedy of being just human after all. I have no more pride because just like everyone else i need so much, more than i could ever admit. I need love and peace. I need honesty and kindness. I need someone’s smile and someone’s compassion. I need the strength and the power that lives inside the core of every mother and father. I need so desperately to feel some sort of magic buried within this world. I need faith in my self and mostly in others, because i am almost sure that i cannot do this on my own.
What we all need is to find one another and feel again.

2 replies on “Sometimes We Need”

I love this part: “We pretend for too long until our humanity brings us to our knees.”
And this: “I need someone’s smile and someone’s compassion.”

Please know, that you are inspiring others. It’s those of us that bleed the most, and give the most, that LIVE the most. And, life hurts. It’s painful. It’s real. You hurt so much because you love so much, and that is no small victory. Also, I love it when I come to a blog (not that I’m able to do that much these days, school and all) and I’m completely gripped, and my heart is wrenched right away. That tells me that that person still has a heart left! I’m so worn out with “plastic people” and mass-friending, and everybody trying to get their 15 minutes. I can’t do anything with people like that! (Except shake my head and sigh deeply.) But I look forward to reading more of your blog because I see a trail of tears and you’re not afraid to show it. Besides, I absolutely love people who can show their vulnerabilities and their brokenness too. It reaches me. So, thank you so much for throwing out a crust of bread into the dark forest of this world. People like you do make a difference. xoxo


Wow, thank you. I had no idea that my words were this powerful for someone else. Its refreshing and comforting to know that sometimes a stranger could make your day with a comment!
I enjoyed your blog too, thats why i followed:D


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