No More

What do i say to you when your eyes are flooded with tears? How can you ever be this beautiful and this horrific looking back at me? What eases your mind if i cant understand your words? Give me anything other than this face.
I thought i caught you when you fell and now i see you broken. I thought i stopped the pain last time yet you still moan. When will i ever be enough to keep you afloat?
You said you knew me and you would let me in. Now i look around and you are nowhere but behind closed doors. You peek at me from in between your fears and you pretend that you’ve seen all of me. You lie and you cry and punch me out any time i reach for you. You always win and you scare me.
You make me quiver when you smile because i know there is nothing there.
I want you to laugh and to breathe as though i live inside you. I want you to crash right into my core and believe the agony of falling through me. I want you to scream when you feel rage and crash into me again. I lay by your side and i wait for you. Yet you never look close enough.
You torture me and you weep. You search and search until you ultimately repeat yourself and the pursuit is never ending and unyielding. You spin into your mess and you break within yourself as though you exist by yourself. Audiences applaude your findings when your eloquence fools them. Yet i know you hide behind every word and you will never allow yourself to be found. Your absence makes you and your truth breaks you.
This is the first time you look me straight in the eyes, yet your mind is absent. You are a fugitive in your own world and i am tired of trying to guide you.
I am home, i am love and i will no longer serve you.

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