An Unrehearsed Dance

Surprising lights burn every sensation she has ever compiled over the years. No shadow scares her as it used to now that she found brilliance and pride. She sheds her worries as the lights glow brighter and the sound glorifies her chaotic soul. No more pain lives in her world, and no more fear courts her at night. She spins without control, and begins to rotate. No one else, no one will ever know the crevices she has within her walls. No one will unravel the mysteries she has chosen to keep for her own entertainment. No one will answer the questions she has decided to label rhetoric. She turns around with arms wide open to an empty space that has never been so welcoming of her physical presence. No more void steps, or blind spots. She has made her choice to live recklessly and without any wreckage. On her own but not alone, not defeated. She opens her eyes as her steps become less rehearsed, and to her surprise, nothing looks familiar, but beauty surrounds her, it composes the symphonies she thought she would never hear again. And when every sensation rids itself of sedation and gasps for air again, her soul, her mind and her being all awaken into an ecstasy of life, of actually breathing and consciously realizing the weakness of being human, and power behind such a realization.
She shyly finds herself sneaking a smile, except this time it is a joy springing inside out.

No illusion surrounds her existence on this page, but a proficiency is needed in understanding the terror, contradiction and comfort of picturing this youthfull soul dancing so shamelessly to the insanity of an ancient mind.

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