The storm

I stand still inside my own storm. Petrified of being completely uprooted, i keep quiet and pretend i dont feel. I tune out my thoughts and decide to hide my words. I shield myself with a uniform attitude and a consistent rhyme. I reflect what every spectator desires to see while i lose my own reflection. I stand so still as not to wake up my mind, and remain silent as not to ruin my breathing pattern. I sway as the storm intensifies but i hold my ground. If i make the slightest move i will be so long gone. Except it is so hard to keep still without a firm hand supporting your own. I feel the breaking ground beneath me and i try to remain as i am. But i know how the ground will shatter, and how the storm will not let me stay. I know how my mind will violently wake up and how my heart will scream with cowardice. I know how it will happen and i realize i am void. I am so void that i will be nothing but a weightless body carried away. I did this so consciously to myself and now i begin to understand. It will not only be a physical journey but an emotional spiritual one as well. The storm will disclose all of my secrets and it will expose me. My mind and my heart will seperate so aggressively that i will no longer know which one to grab first. This storm will change my entire system and break all my laws. I will only be able to find myself and create when this storm subsides. So might as well let go and let it have its way with me.

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