inspiration memoirs

To let tomorrow play my song


Turn off all the lights. Cover yourself with your bed sheets and hide from tomorrow. Lock your doors and shut your windows, never let time cross over.
Clench your fists and bite your tongue, keep your song inside and trap the words between your lips. There will be no music tonight.
Tomorrow then transforms itself into imagination. It lights up the dark inside and you hear the humming from within. The unknown then plays itself out with hopes and fears. It forms stories and fairy tales, it goes all wrong and burns you, then again it cures your troubled soul.
Time tickles your soul with all the memories, it tricks you into letting it in. You want to enjoy time and never let it go. You want time to be on your side and chance to never abandon you. You feel time cradling you into mere dependence. You think about possibilities and fortune. You think about love and hate. You think about dreams and nightmares. You think about life and death. You think about tomorrow. And you let it find you just like that. You let tomorrow take you from hiding, tomorrow tells you to love it like it’s forever.
It was never as dark as it had been while you were hiding, yet the brightness of tomorrow almost burns you. So you gather your thoughts of all contradictions, you put them all into words and you decide to look for faith. You decide to find a light, one that will make you brave enough to embrace tomorrow. You decide to take your time, you might even share. You cannot let all the lights pass you by. So you pack your bags along with your thoughts and notebooks. You leave. You separate yourself from that hiding place, the comfort of being in the dark. You claim your right to find yourself in the light, to make yourself grow into all that tomorrow and time will offer. Possibility holds fear’s hands and they begin leading you through, all the way away from home.
You stand alone, with your words. You hold your favorite song close as you listen to everyone Else’s songs too.
You decide to close your eyes and follow the music, follow your mind and skillfully enough your heart too. You find faith at night and you kiss it with every childish need until you attempt to believe in yourself and daylight breaks with you so far gone, time almost lost you.

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