inspiration memoirs

Memoirs of a beginning

I rest my heart in fallen paradise. I lay still cuddled with my demons, until i grow tired, so desperate to close my eyes. They pet my soul and comfort my mind with numb lullabies of an innocent child. The fear of the unknown is tucked under their palms for a better day more welcoming of loneliness.
They whisper flawlessly some beautiful words to calm my anxiety and inner chill. Fly inside out into dreams of clarity and hope. The beauty that is you must find every answer within yourself. For if you wake up one day in a bed that is not your own, your demons will soothe your soul. Your fears will not leave you, neither will your love. Find the ways in and out of your self, and you will never be lost.
The love i have been fed will make way for brighter days, the truth i have seeked will surface in the darkest nights and the faces i have smiled upon for as long as i can remember, will forever keep me one smile away from being alone.

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