The only one

The only one. The beauty and posession of it. The peace and horror interlocked into one entity. The only one and the intensity of it, the anarchy within sensing the mortality of that human.
The only one, the immense make believe of it, the shattering fairytale and longing in the most desperate sense.
The whole world for a moment shoots itself into a gaze of endlessness. The need for hopefulness and appreciation. The only one to love your insanity and appreciate your truth. The only one to fall to his knees for you, begging you for immortality.
The only one to be of constant use, never to think of you as disposable. The closeness and physical adoration for one.
The moment with only one to turn your world upside down and inward out. To excite you and shatter your dreams into reality.
The bitterness of really understanding, knowing and accepting that The only one exists only in a moment not a lifetime.

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