Upside down

The sun sets, darkness and you. Put on your headphones and drown your thoughts. Suffocate them. Close your eyes and open each one at a time, entertain yourself. Upside down, your world, your values your ideals and your choices.
So raise your hand, either one, raise a middle finger and look at it. Point it at yourself and get shocked.
Stand in front of a mirror look at yourself, make faces, drop the act, and then shy away.
See if this makes sense to anyone, then you did not get the point, because there is none.
There is this relatively loud music in my head and silence outside. Too many people talked today, i listened too much, mostly nodded. Passive enough? Not as quite as you might think. So spray your thoughts at people and mark your surroundings just as my cat does around my house. And my cat is a very indifferent asshole, a geniune one though, i love him for it!
Am i rambling? Well johnny cash doesnt mind, hes still singing inside my head, almost feels like my own voice there.
At the end of the day, johnny cash you put me to sleep. What better dose of a man’s sound in your ears.
Upside down i tell you, its me its not you.

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