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Normalcy moves in

You just know. When you look him in the eyes and they reflect your face. Normalcy.
A while back you fell into his eyes you saw all through him and beyond, every good feeling was captured in that moment and you smiled for the sake of the peace you felt.
Normalcy takes thAt away, it cools it off and justifies the fire as a phase. Normalcy breaks apart the peace you had into the illusion of it. Well, just because the peace you felt was due to being in utmost infatuation, attraction and self approval. Your truth was drowned by the emotion, by the idea of perfection. And nothing slaps you in the face and leaves a good mark as much as normalcy.
We dare not admit things like that to ourselves because no one wants to feel and see reality. Normalcy is a reality, it is plain and direct. No sugar coating or euphemism. Your passion becomes treatment, relativity and an excuse. You blame your passion for blinding you from the reality, when it was the ultimate surrender and joy.
When you find that intensity has packed up and is at the door, you grab it by its feet, you drag yourself after it, because normalcy is moving in instead.
Normalcy will set you straight it will have you clean up, and organize yourself, it will slap you for every hole you missed and you will blame intensity and passion.
Many people thrive on normalcy they need it to direct them and set them straight. Others rather few are terrorized by it they thrive on the intensity and the essences of it, they find ways to keep it and entertain its friends.
See, you just know. when you look back at her and see more than just a reflection of your face, you have something to fight for. And you declare war on normalcy.

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