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All we need is the space.

Its an idea, it develops, it grows, sometimes it takes seconds, sometimes it takes a life time. An idea is all we need it is our reason and our goal. It drives us and throws us off course. This idea is a madness in the beginning its defiance but a means to an end. A salvation in the midst of intellectual, social and religious wreckage.
In our arab world we have a lack of ideas. We have a surplus of shallowness. We refuse to learn, to think and question our situations; nevertheless we are the masters of victimization, nagging and criticisim. We assume that doing so qualifies us as free thinkers, when that is the absolute opposite; a tool for a socially and politically handicapped nation to express its frustration.
We mistake differences for deficiencies. We confuse conservatism with morality, and we credit those who rob us of our potential for becoming decent citizens.
This idea, it requires searches, rampages, desperation and courage. To be a thinker is tougher than it seems. To acquire an opinion is more than repeating and plagiarizing “smarter” people.
We are being monopolized by corporations, politicians, celebrities and public opinion rallies. We are so awe struck by collectivity that we forget what it means to think for ones self alone. We dismiss the preciousness of solitude and soul searching. We allow ourselves to be molded and remolded with every new fashion statement, and every new trend of thought. We absolutely despise and abhore the notion of real personal freedom.
The whole suffocates us to an extent where we get used to the suffocation so desperately that we develop a fear of breathing again because of all the effort it will require.
In economics, there always is nominal price and the real price. Well, we have nominal freedom, where our real one is masked by the inflation of prejudice, narrow mindedness and intolerance.
All we need is the space.

One reply on “All we need is the space.”

“In our arab world we have a lack of ideas.” I would like to add to your statement here, is that on the contrary, the arab world is full of ideas. But these ideas are hidden inside the heads of the creators. Unfortunately, those who “think outside the box” are labeled today to be out of the flock… strangers in their own vecinities…

What is needed is courage to translate dreams into functional ideas without fearing the other!


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