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Stand tall.

We stand tall, no matter what. In Our pride, our shame, our love and our bitterness we always stand tall. We should not give in to our weakness of spirit because we were created to live and then die. It is the living part that people cannot do right.
We have so much life in us, we are wonders by mere existence yet we break. It is when we break that we understand what it is to live rather than exist.
We have potential but what is potential? And potential for what. A perfectly happy person could be living a very average life but is considered to be underachieving because he has potential. That is the problem with the world and with people. We are told what type of life we should live in order to be achievers, when most of us die trying to achieve the wrong thing in life.
I have seen people breaking infront of my eyes, it is heart wrenching to watch, but i heard it will give me perspective to see thAt. Well, it has.
There is no life that can be lived to the fullest because there are always parts of it that had to go for it to continue. It is life and much of it will never be answered, most people will never know the meaning of it or its great purpose. Our job is to live it and take it as a blessing. The good in it probably has no purpose and the bad as well. Sometimes we dont deserve the good and many times we question the bad. Rest assured for you will rarely link ur life to any special mission. It is what you do and who you are while you live it that matters. As long as you stand tall and own up to your duty to live and the privaledge that is your life, you will be fine.
And so we stand tall until our backs break, we probably dont deserve it but thats the truth, be a human and love yourself. Give others what youd like to receive, and tell yourself the words that you need to hear. It is you and you only who lives and dies, it is nothing but an extra a lovely departure gift to have someone holding you while you say goodbye.

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