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Tonight i will

Dont let them bring you down he said,
Theres a power in you that no one can understand. I see your upset just dont back down!
And i believed it. What else is there? Its either good or bad, and we just hope for the best. I give what i can and i do what i should, the rest is up to the world. I want to dance to a song that makes me move out of my shell. I want to smile at someone the sneaky smile. I want to be bad and misbehave on my own terms.i want to love so hard that i shock you. I want to be good at different things and impress my self everytime!
I love the happiness i can feel, i love the joy and the peace of mind. I love the tiny pieces of Godly blessings in me. I want to build on that rather than negativity and defeat! I want to laugh at myself and my foolishness.
He is right whenever he tells me to snap out of my negativity surges of sudden and utter depression and defeat. He is so right to believe in me. I have so much and i can offer my humanity and passion to any situation, i just lose myself in that sometimes.
Today, im going to sleep content. I will love my self and i will listen to a beautiful song. I can do that and i will be truly genuinely happy. I love tonight God and i am thankful for that. Whatever power outthere that keeps me going is my God, my strength my soul and my truth.

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