Note to friend

Hello there,
Your flesh is mine and your soul is too. I see through your eyes and feel through your skin. You are not happy and i know why.if you will not say it i will.
You are afraid of life, afraid of risk and mistakes. Afraid of love and hate, you are scared of loneliness and separation. You my friend, are afraid to live.
You cannot start your life with this attitude. You have no right to. You have to believe that you will fail but just as well you will succeed. You have to believe that you will fall apart, break down, panic, and suffer. But then again, you will fly, you will rise above, pick yourself up and love again and again.
Fill your own hollowness and create your personal safety nets jut dont go around your life wrapped in them, for if you fall you will never get up on your own!
Dont give your misery excuses no one wants to be around misery, it only brings darkness and grim. Dont carry the “i got issues” banner, because look around you grim reaper, those banners are carried by everyone.
Try being good for a change, smile atleast when you catch yourself in the mirror. Try letting things go because too much baggage means no flight at all. Love the people who love you more than they do, and by that you spread the purity of hope.when anyone lets you down dont do the same, you are wasting your time. When someone stops loving you, you will get crushed but you will survive. When life shoves its pain at you you will hurt. Get used to it, live it , process it, cry a little, bitch a little but then let it go!
That is why you Are not happy dear friend, and this is the truth, deal with it and please give life a chance.

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