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Simply because

I look at this screen and my head is weary from all the thoughts intertwined. I say to myself take it easy and every thing will fall in place. After too much depth one needs to dwell in simplicity or else any remaining sanity will be gone.
I think of God when i want to touch simplicity, creation is rather natural to a simple mind. I set aside any reservation i have and i feel the darkness of the sky above me. From this Beirut night, the stars are few but the crescent moon has a honey shine to it that flatters the senses. There is little sign of nature around me except for the pots of flowers placed on my balcony. And it is intelligence and practicality to work with what you have. So i simply shift my stare from the night sky to my city flowers.
What answers am i looking for? What truth am i seeking tonight? I find no help whatsoever. Then again a wind blows, one that has been blocked by so many buildings that it reaches you almost suffocated but persistent enough to shuffle around your hair. What softer answer can i seek?
Truth lay in darkness, and in the honey haze of the moon. It lay in God’s breath of life into those helpless flowers in the shade. Truth lay in the simplicity. It lay in my soul which needs no definition tonight because. Simply because..

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