The music and me.

Feel it, don’t read it.

It starts somewhere inside you, it fades in and gets louder as you listen closer. It begins climbing up your heart and into your stomach. You feel invaded and penetrated. You feel it traveling through your blood cells. Your nerve ending intensify the magnitude of it and it sends shivers up your spine. your head throbs and your body dives into motion and the mere beauty of movement. You dance. The joy fills you and the hollowness you felt before is past now. Instead you are floating and roaming owning the universe and closng your eyes to live inside yourself. For how you feel at this moment is purity and nothing feels as good as the beat of your heart harmonizing with that music you’re hearing.

You will not be the same after this, the trance you felt traps you and you want more of it. And so you do, every time you hear that music you inhale it and breathe it. You take advantage of it and abuse it for the sake of the high it gives you. But you have no guilt for the pleasure is absolutely genuine, no one hurts and it cures you. The music wants to give itself to you, it exists for that reason.  It is for people like you who find divinity in it and purity, their questions are answered by the music. It says the words no one can say to you and fills you with love for yourself, your being and the world around you.

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