A New york tribute.

Deep down in me lies a sense of gratitude, a sense of awe and loyalty. Not for a person but a city. A city that watched me undress my mind and unwind my thoughts. A city that heard me speak a truth that I couldn’t have said anywhere else. A city that showed me what matters most in my life. A city that humbled my pride and inflated my dreams. It introduced me to possible versions of myself that I didn’t quite like and along the way led me to realize the true essence of home. This city that I fell in love with, is one that i will leave. This city told me that it has seen many like me, but the world hasn’t. This city wants me to take my world as my fight instead of its streets. This city dwells inside my thoughts and emotions; it fed my hunger and gave me the kick. It wants to release me back into my scary world as a fighter for what i believe in. This beautiful and grand city doesn’t want me for itself. It sends me away back to where i belong. It tells me to change my cities before i change the world. I am New york and New york floods me. I found myself there in the people and in the stones; nevertheless, i have yet to find myself at my own home.

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