Post “Kite Runner” ideas.

I recently finished reading The kite Runner for Khaled Hosseini. Breathtaking.

The character that was simply overwhelming was Hassan. How can someone be that good, so loyal and so sincere? Is it mere fiction for such people to live among us? The person who is so content with his reality and one who desperately wants to save you no matter what. He is the avid friend, the genuine raw human. Some might consider him naive but that is far from the truth. He is a hero, one who was undermined by his society and the cruelty of people’s judgement. He lived with peace and with honor. He believed that everyone was as good as him. Yet his life proved him wrong. Does  the “Hassan” exist? i personally am in big doubt about that.

The idea here is, when did we stop being the best humans we could be?..when did we become so materialistic and lacking essential humane traits?  when did we begin mistaking goodness for stupidity and naivety? i do believe that goodness in its purest form exists, we just never know how to deal with it. We ruin purity and we purge genuine behavior. I speak out of personal experience when i talk about corruption and double standards. People have stopped looking one another in the eyes.

The “Hassan” does exist in each person hopefulyy but we need to have more trust in that side of us. We need to find strength in our goodness and not need to cheat our way through to make it. I am young and i hear that this is a cruel world. Well, i surely think that us humans have made it this way. The animals and the trees have kept their ends of the bargain, but we are the ones trespassing our natural roles.

I pray that i always find the balance between hope and reality, between practicality and ambition. I pray that when i read this 10 or 20 years from now, id be wise enough to laugh at how seriously ive been taking my life. Because bottom line is, there is humor, and terror, there is passion and simplicity. It is eventually up to us to choose which side to believe in life.

The Kite Runner was an eye opener. And a story for every person.

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